Hi, I'm Nicholas Lowthorpe.

I've built the all-in-one guide to communication skills that advance data science careers.

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Are your communication and data visualisation skills holding you back in your career?

As a data scientist or analyst, you need to be able to effectively translate your deep technical expertise into real impact.

The problem?

Online courses and certifications in data science, analytics and programming only teach you the technical side.

Yet the challenges businesses face in the data space aren't just technical - they need effective people skills too.

If you want to land your dream job, grab a promotion, or simply multiply your impact and be known as "the person who solves problems", then learn the skills other data professionals are forgetting about:

Data scientists and analysts with expert communication skills win out over those who just bring technical acumen.

You can use these skills to build powerful relationships and trust, find the right business problems to solve and communicate your impact clearly.

All of this builds your reputation.

Then it's a feedback loop, opening doors to more success and opportunity. Building your ability to influence.

Who am I?

I've researched, experimented with and developed these skills over my 16 years' working experience to secure payrises, promotions and new roles.

  • As an analytics manager responsible for leading high-value projects, I've hired and coached graduate analysts. I've mentored them in communication and visualisation, and watched them land their own promotions or new jobs.

  • I've briefed UK Government Ministers (Home Secretary and Minster of State for Security & Economic Crime) driving decisions through effective data visualisation.

  • I developed and executed the cross-government data communicaton strategy for the UK counter-terrorism and national security community, enabling collaborative research and saving 100's of £1000s.

  • I've evaluated presentations from data science tech startups and academics, and awarded almost £500,000 in grant funding to the best data science communicators.

  • As a freelance CV writer and career skills coach for my local STEM & university community, I've landed clients at jobs including Intel, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Babcock and the UK Ministry of Defence.

  • I've given talks and lectures on these very topics, and was the FAMELAB 2014 International Public Speaking Competition winner for the Northern UK.

I'll teach you to build these people skills and give you the toolkit to apply them, build your confidence, and stand out from the crowd.